Value Proposition

Aturma brings value at multiple tiers in the embedded system chain. A systems company can use Amos for rapid board bring up. Further, Aver allows the customer to package the system with differentiating applications.  For example, the systems developer for a video surveillance solution only needs to focus on the embedded board, and use Amos and Aver for board bring up, on-demand video capture and display, video back-up, and video management and analytics from several video sources.


Aturma brings value to System-on-Chip (SoC) companies as well.  Aturma provides service for creating Board Support Package (BSP) and Processor Support Package (PSP) for the SoC developer.  Secondly, Aturma provides Atest, a suite of platform independent post manufacturing diagnostic tests that can be purchased separately.


Finally, SoC manufacturers can package Amos along with the SoC and thereby, increase the value and ease of adoption of the SoC. For SoCs targeted at markets that will use Android operating system, Aturma provides the necessary service to port Android to the target SoC that include optimizations of the APIs such as modifying OpenSSL to use existing encryption hardware instead of performing the encryption in software.