Aturma targets the embedded systems market with primarily three products – Amos, Atest, and Aver. Each product is targeted at a specific hierarchy in the embedded systems development cycle. In addition, Aturma also uses its expertise in embedded software to provide software services to embedded systems and System-on-Chip (SoC) companies.



Amos is a Linux based operating system (OS) dedicated to embedded systems. The OS comprises of all the necessary libraries to quickly bring up an embedded platform such as those from TI or Faraday. The company has demonstrated the OS on many disparate platforms, with application domains ranging from surveillance cameras to wireless routers.  



Atest is a suite of diagnostic software.  Atest can be used with a wide class of embedded platforms. The software is used during post-manufacturing testing where set of diagnostic tests is required. The primary users of the software design houses that use a given System-on-Chip (SoC) for their custom applications.



Aver is a suite of customization software that runs over Amos. The customization software includes specific applications targeted for different verticals. Currently, Aver has customization software targeted at video surveillance solutions. It includes on-demand video capture, recording and replay, video content management from multiple video sources, and software to manage the video from mobile devices. Aturma is working on adding intelligence to the videos including but not limited to motion detection and face recognition. Aturma is also working toward customization software for other verticals such as wireless routers.