About Us

Aturma Systems was formed by industry veterans in the field of embedded systems hardware and software. All embedded platforms require embedded software support. Further, unlike the platform itself, the maintenance and upgrade of the software is a continuous process. New standards are introduced that must be seamlessly integrated into the platform. Interoperability of platforms is another major bottleneck in deploying heterogeneous systems. For example, a set of surveillance cameras based on a TI platform may need to communicate with a video recording system, which in turn may need to connect to a smart phone for video retrieval. Aturma Systems bring a set of pre-designed software packages and provides end-to-end solutions for all embedded software needs. We not only provide the software, but in addition, provide full maintenance and support including software patches and upgrades over the life cycle of the platform. Please visit our products page to get a better idea of what we do here at Aturma.