If you are looking for help in setting up software in your embedded platform, you have come to the right place. Aturma Systems solves the software bottleneck problem. We provide reference software for several verticals that include networking, video applications such as set-top boxes and TV, and cameras such as the ones in surveillance systems. We also provide services for optimizing your reference designs, and ensuring the compatibility between multiple components that make the entire system. 

Most embedded platforms are released with the very basic software support that mostly includes just the board support package. In order to create a working product out of these platforms, considerable amount of software work is required that includes porting Linux on these platforms, writing necessary drivers, and writing application software suitable for the platform. Further, the software needs maintenance and regular updates to stay in sync with the ever evolving industry standards. Finally, the moment two different platforms communicate, it throws a whole set of new compatibility issues into the mix. Companies spend enormous amount of money and time figuring out the software architecture for their platform's unique requirements. Even by conservative estimates, costs for development and maintenance of the software infrastructure per platform runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Aturma Systems provides pre-verified software distributions that can considerably reduce the development and maintenance costs. 

Aturma Systems was founded by industry veterans in the field of embedded system hardware and software. We have extensive experience in developing software solutions for many embedded system verticals.